Prices for building design, exterior and commercial design is by agreement. Depends on the scale, complexity and urgency of the object.

Рассчитать стоимость дизайна интерьера


Interior design


  • Layouts options
  • concept development
  • 3D-visualization of all premises
  • working documentation (plans and specifications) in English, russian or ukrainian language.

You get:

  • measurements plan
  • project consist
  • furniture plan
  • dismantling plan
  • assembly plan
  • the post-reconfiguration plan
  • 3-D design of an apartment
  • Floor plan
  • Floor heating plan
  • Sanitary ware plan
  • Ceiling plan with cuts if needed
  • plan of placement of illumination devices
  • plan of illumination and switches group
  • sockets and electrical leads plan
  • ventilation and air conditioning plan
  • Wall finishing plan
  • heating plan
  • Skirting and cornice installation plan
  • marking plan for the corners of the room
  • developed view of the walls of the room
  • ceramic tiles installation scheme
  • Accent ceramic tiles specifications
  • doorways filling plan
  • Support and key subcontractors contacts
Specifications of: illumination, electrical equipment, doors, furniture ,sanitary ware, appliances, mirrors, decoration, finishing materials are being selected in case of supervision.

Дизайн интерьера с сопровождением и комплектацией

Дизайн интерьера + сопровождение + все ремонтные работы + все черновые материалы

Проектирование зданий


Оставьте контакт для получения точной стоимости работ и получите пример проекта с чертежами