A crucial stage in the process of creating a beautiful and competent interior is the equipment.

The complete set includes the purchase and selection of goods, negotiations with suppliers, clarification of availability, searching for analogues, organization of deliveries, replacement of defective goods, etc.

The project’s designer (or project’s manager) selects: finishing materials, furniture, lighting, appliances, electrical fittings, textiles, decor, etc. – which are exactly within your budget. The budget is agreed on at the stage of technical brief creation. If some design item or material exceeds the budget or is out of production, the designer finds an analogue that is suitable in all respects.

Bundling is always a good idea

Working for years, our company has entered into partnership agreements with almost all contractor companies operating in Ukraine. Therefore, we have the opportunity to provide you with all discounts of up to 25%. Taking into account the big discounts on the bundling service, you fully recoup the amount you pay for the design project, and most importantly, you save your precious time. Discounts are provided for both Ukrainian and any foreign goods and furniture.

This service saves up to 35% of time during repair work, due to timely deliveries, coordinated with the repair work schedule.