Rozit Architects represents a collective of dedicated professionals with a shared mission: to infuse aesthetics into our world and enrich your life. With each project, our aim is to transcend conventional norms, crafting a distinctive and singular experience.

Our work is driven by passion, and our portfolio boasts a rich history of over 220 successfully realized projects spanning the realms of commercial and residential properties.

Our approach hinges on the harmonious integration of Comfort, Durability, and Beauty. By weaving these three fundamental tenets together with your aspirations and our seasoned expertise, we orchestrate projects that epitomize perfection.

12 years of experience
220+ implemented projects
infinity inspiration


Design of buildings and structures, creating the exterior and interior concepts, architectural and space solutions. We work in a team with engineers and constructors.

We make spaces that reflect quality, style, identity of owners and visitors. We take care to consider the context of space and make all possible to meet your needs.

Enhancing apartments layouts in residential complexes, optimizing space for functionality and aesthetics. 3D visuals that expedite the sales, helping buyers envision their dream.

Construction works maintenance, control over the visual compliance of the repair and design project. Incredible saving of your time and nerves.

A voluminous process of searching, selecting and purchasing, according to your budget, finishing materials, lighting equipment, furniture, technical equipment, decor and accessories. Production of custom interior items.

Our professional team will advise you where and how to make money on real estate risk-free. We combine land purchase and verification, concept, architecture and property sale or lease, maximizing revenue and minimizing risk.

Kateryna Rozit - Architect and Founder

Kateryna got a Master degree in architecture, and is succesfully designing residential and commercial spaces for more than 12 years. Having a strong experience in commercial real estate after working in JLL for several years, helps her to lead investment projects starting from the concept and finishing with investors' profit. "I was lucky to create a team of architects and designers who are as passionate about their work as I am. And together we are making this world more beautiful every day."

Why us

Make our pictures come true

We make visualizations using materials and furniture that match your budget (!), We make detailed drawings and specifications, according to which builders will be able to implement the project.

Love non-standard and even challenging tasks

We love non-standard and even challenging tasks! We not only love, but also know how to solve them

Full range services

We can provide a full range of turnkey services, which significantly saves you time, money and the nervous system.

Saving your money

We are saving your money by generously sharing our wholesale discounts on all materials, plumbing and furniture, etc.

Our Team

  • architects
  • designers
  • 3D render specialists
  • builders with a European license
  • engineers
  • equipment managers
  • narrow-profile specialists