Investment Projects

This servise is provided in Marbella, Malaga and Valencia (Spain),
Kyiv (Ukraine), London (UK)

Real estate remains one of the most attractive and risk-free assets for investors, and square meters grow significantly in value over time.

There are 2 types of investments where our team can help you to succeed. The first is apartments purchasing in A/B class residential complexes + interior design + turnkey renovation for rent or sale. We emphasize and select the style and budget for the fastest possible payback.

We would like to emphasize the second – the implementation of commercial objects from scratch – cottage villages, residential complexes, and office buildings. We work only on high-quality projects, having an aim to create a good product, support the reputation and to increase your profit.

Most often, we are approached by investors who already have land plots, and our team helps to find the most suitable concept for the site. The choice of the concept is influenced by many factors that need to be professionally analyzed and correctly compared together. But we are also qualified in searching for appropriate land plots.

At the meeting, we will be happy to introduce you to both our team and the completed projects.

Stages of implementation:

  1. Real estate market research (experience at JLL)
  2. Competition analysis (current and future)
  3. Concept creation
  4. Financial analysis (calculation of cost, income and payback periods )
  5. Interior and exterior design
  6. Implementation (this stage can be performed both by the Client's company and by our partners)
  7. Project support
  8. Sale of cottages or apartments, offices rent or lease

All these stages are performed by our team, and not just by contractors.

Additional services:

  • Legal support of the project
  • Creating a sales department
  • Establishment of a management company
  • Marketing
  • Aerial photography or videography
  • Assistance in purchasing ang legal checking land plots
  • Technical (construction) supervision
  • Architect’s supervision

Taking into account projects’ exclusivity and non-disclosure of projects that are on the stage of realization, we discuss all the details only personally.