Bionic Villa

2022 | Marbella, Spain

The villa combines natural bionic architectural forms with the concept of zero energy consumption. It is specially designed to be extremely energy efficient. It has excellent insulation and is equipped with such modern eco-friendly technologies that are best suited to the hot climate of sunny Spain, where the villa is located.

This region has more than 320 days of sunshine a year, so we paid a lot of attention to eco-cooling technologies such as Cold Roof and Smart Electrochromic Windows.

Cold roofs are specially designed to increase the reflectivity of sunlight and reduce heat radiation, lowering the temperature of the coating by more than 50 degrees. And most importantly, a cold roof improves the internal temperature of the building, either by reflecting strong heat or by trapping air inside.

Smart electrochromic glass is the latest intelligent energy-saving technology that uses a tiny flash of electricity to charge ions on the window layer and change the amount of light it reflects. The smart glass allows you to choose how much light you want to block. It reduces heating, ventilation and air conditioning costs by 25% and makes the perception of sunlight from the room much more comfortable. In winter, most buildings in the Andalusian region have no heating and use air conditioning. But we decided to install geothermal heating with our customers. Geothermal energy is an efficient renewable energy source that is harmless to the environment, especially compared to coal or natural gas. A mixture of water and antifreeze is pumped through pipes laid underground to collect heat energy, then sent to a heat pump, which takes this energy and uses it to heat or cool the villa and heat the pool in the winter.

The walls are also built of hemp blocks connected by a tetris system. Hemp fibers are mixed with lime to produce a lightweight and natural analogue of concrete that retains heat well and has excellent insulating properties. A hemp house has no pests, no mold, good acoustics, low humidity, and no pesticides. Comparing hemp blocks to ordinary concrete, the insulation is 10 times better, the weight is half as much, and 3 times less heat is needed to heat the house.

The exterior plaster is slaked lime with a high calcium content, white and graphite colours. Inside the building, the walls, ceiling and floor are made of green concrete (obtained by replacing cement with recycled waste).

Villa’s interior here:

Name: Bionic Villa
Area: 292 m2