SKYscraper 007

2022 | Denver, USA
The business class residential project SKYwaves represents 23-storey tower. It has outstanding panoramic views from each apartment and the modern lifestyle offered by the building’s unmatched private amenities. All these features combined with creative architecture make Project a highly desirable destination for residents and visitors. The SKYwaves is trimmed by black panels, emphasized by white bionic-shaped lines. A unique asymmetric pattern defines the building’s architectural identity. Following the sustainable architecture tendency, we used electrochromic windows to make the building more energy sufficient. This facade solution with a rooftop panoramic pool will become one of Denver’s skyline landmark. The rooftop has a glass fence to enlighten the amazing views. Apart from the swimming pool, there are such facilities as high-quality recreational leisure areas, restaurant and lounges. In addition to the amenities created on the roof, there are also a considerable number of social infrastructures at the lower levels of the building, such as a conference roof, a gym, a party room, spacious lounge. The SKYwaves presents a unique residential architecture project, with recognizable image and well-planned comfortable apartments. The project offers residents a wide range of choice of how to enjoy their life. Thanks to the use of high quality building materials and modern construction technologies, the Project is warm and well soundproofed. Also much attention is paid to the safety of residents: concierge, security service, and video surveillance at the entrance to the house and around the perimeter.
Name: SKYscraper 007
Area: 21 600m2