Architectural supervision is a service when designer supports projects construction. Simply put, it’s control over the visual compliance of the repairing and the design project.

The goal of designer supervision is to create an interior in which expectations coincide with reality.

The goal of designer supervision is to create an interior in which expectations coincide with reality. Construction crews often do not even know how to properly work with the materials included in the project. They may neglect some, as it seems to them, “unimportant” details, which in fact play a large role in the overall concept. Or vice versa, a foreman with extensive experience decides to neglect the drawings, putting his professionalism above the documents. This does not always have a good effect on the repair.

The author’s control over the implementation of his idea ensures that the customer will receive the interior that he saw in the picture and for which he paid when accepting the design project. Of course, the client himself can monitor the progress of the repair. But a designer as a professional sees inconsistencies already at the stage of rough work and can prevent mistakes that cannot be corrected later.

What is included in the field supervision:

What is included in the field supervision:

A designer and a builder are different specialties. And you cannot shift the repair itself onto the author of the project. Its responsibility is to track compliance. Therefore, the supervision service includes:

  • departure of the designer to the object. The number of trips and the length of stay are specified in the contract. Usually the author visits 2-4 times a month. Additional visits are paid;
  • checking the compliance of the work performed with the existing plans;
  • control over the purchase of quality materials, the choice of colors that match the project;
  • building communications with suppliers, overseeing the timely delivery of goods;
  • clarification of technical issues according to drawings;
  • clarification of work with materials unfamiliar to the team;
  • making adjustments to the author's plans in agreement with the foreman, builders and craftsmen;
  • notification of the progress of the repair and consultation with the client.

Sometimes the designer combines supervision and picking. In this case, additional control is carried out over the purchase of furniture and decor, their arrangement. But more often these are two different processes and picking is performed as a separate service.

What supervision does NOT include:

  • The service does not include visualization adjustments, control over purchases through third-party stores. Control over the norms of building technologies lies with the technical supervision and the foreman.
  • Reception of hidden works is also not conducted. That is, the designer makes sure that the sockets of the appropriate color are selected, and they would be installed at the planned points. The very connection of electrical circuits lies outside his area of ​​responsibility.
  • The designer does not take responsibility for payment for the supplied goods and services of the masters. Also, he does not conclude contracts, except for documents for conducting field supervision and carrying out repair and construction work, which is signed by the customer and the foreman.

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Описание порядка формирования цен При работе с коммерческими объектами и квартирами/домами под сдачу или продажу, мы четко понимаем необходимость скорейшей коммерциализации, умеем оптимизировать затраты и сроки, чтобы Ваш бизнес процветал. Имея огромный опыт, можем посоветовать сферы для инвестиций в недвижимость.

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